New Patients

Save £45.00 off your first consultation when you join us

Join us now only £60.00 for your first consultation!

We are offering an introductory price for our new patients consultation. Offer price £60.00 - INCLUDING ALL X-RAYS. So why not take advantage of this great offer and join us now.

You are in safe hands

From the moment you walk into our dental practice we will aim to make you feel relaxed and supported. Our first priority is to get to know you and listen to what you expect from your dental care. We will give you clear, honest advice and only proceed with any treatment at a pace that suits you.

New Patients - join us today!

Our new patients consultation

You will first be asked to fill out a comprehensive medical evaluation form. This allows us to understand your health better to ensure that your dental care is individually tailored to your needs. Any problems discovered during your consultation will be clearly explained, along with all the available treatment options and their associated costs. Our comprehensive consultation includes:

  • Full examination.
  • X Rays.
  • Oral cancer check.
  • Gum disease screening.
  • A Detailed treatment plan can be provided.
  • We will discuss any cosmetic dental concerns you may have.

We serve patients from a wide catchment area

Some of our patients travel over 100 miles to employ our dental expertise. Our dentists serve patients from the following locations:

  • Bristol
  • Bristol Airport
  • Northwick
  • Dundry
  • Winford
  • Littleton
  • Stanton Drew
  • East Harptree
  • Blagdon
  • Pensford
  • Hunstree
  • Farmborough
  • Paulton
  • Norton Radstock
  • Farrington Gurney
  • Chew Stoke
  • Bishop Sutton
  • Charterhouse
  • Lower Langford
  • Wrington
  • Downside
  • Lulsgate bottom
  • Barrow Common
  • Clutton
  • Temple Cloud

Interested in joining us but have some additional questions? No problem, just contact us and we will do our very best to help you.

Preventative Care

See our hygiene expert

Healthy gums and whiter teeth

Promoting good oral hygiene to all our patients is the philosophy at the core of our preventative dental care. Regular visits to our expert hygienist will help keep your teeth and gums healthy, your smile whiter and your breath fresher.

We spot problems early on

People are still at risk from gum and tooth problems even if they brush their teeth frequently. We are highly skilled at spotting the early signs of tooth decay, gum disease and any other oral health diseases. Spotting these potential problems early will prevent costly future treatments and poor oral health.

We will help you form positive oral hygiene habits

The main consequence of poor oral health is gum disease, if left untreated this will result in the loss of the supporting gum and bone from around the teeth. This in turn will result in increased sensitivity, increased mobility and eventually tooth loss unless treated and good oral hygiene maintained. Bad breath is a very common problem and can have a major effect on your confidence both personally and professionally. There are many different causes, but persistent bad breath is usually caused by the smelly gases released by the bacteria that coat your teeth and gums due to lack of adequate dental care. Our Hygienists will help you form new positive dental hygiene habits to maintain a healthy mouth and a confident smile. Their dedication to detail ensures that your teeth are cleaned thoroughly in places that would not be reached by brushing alone.

Our Hygienists

Hannah Deacon-Church (GDC No-210702) - [University of Birmingham 2011]

Hannah Deacon-Church - hygienist

Hannah qualified as a Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist at Birmingham University in 2011. Originally from the West Country, she decided to return to the area and joined the practice in July 2013. Hannah is passionate about helping her patients to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth and the relationship this has with our general health. Hannah loves music and theatre. She also enjoys travelling with her husband, Zumba and swimming.

Megan Knight (GDC No-272605) - [University of Bristol 2019]

Megan qualified from the University of Bristol in June 2019 with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene. She won an award at her graduation for her dissertation, exploring the benefits of xylitol in the prevention of dental disease.

Her favourite part of the job is working with nervous patients, helping them overcome their fears and realise that there is nothing to worry about seeing the dental hygienist. She joined the practice in August 2019 and has found it very welcoming. She feels like she’s been part of Chew Magna Dental Practice for years.

Outside the practice, Megan loves enjoying the outdoors and is a very active person. She loves snowboarding in the French Alps and surfing in Cornwall. She loves to travel around Devon and Cornwall, exploring with her fiancé in their VW Campervan.

A visit to our hygienist includes:

  • Gum disease screening.
  • Oral hygiene analysis.
  • De-scaling and polishing.


£44.00 (20 minute session)

General Dentistry

Affordable routine dental care for the whole family

Routine Dental Care for all the family

We understand that everybody's dental needs are different, so that is why we individually tailor our treatments to suit you. Chew Magna Dental Practice have been providing high quality routine dental care for the whole family for over 40 years in the Chew Valley area. So whether its cosmetic, surgical or restorative work our experienced team will always discuss every aspect of your treatment with you. We are even happy to recommend a suitable specialist partner, should a complex treatment require a level of expertise not available in-house. Ultimately your health is our primary concern.

Our current pricing

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Looking for high quality affordable dental care?

Denplan - spread the cost of your treatments

Routine Dental Care for all the family

Denplan is the UK's leading dental payment plan specialist with over 6,500 member dentists across the UK and approximately 1.8 million patients. Chew Magna Dental Practice are approved supplier's of Denplan payment plans. The Denplan capitation scheme simply allows you to conveniently spread the payment for your treatment over a number of months via direct debit.

Flexible payment plans

You can choose from plans which include:

  • Dental injury and dental emergency cover
  • Routine and restorative treatment

We will show you all the available options and help you choose the payment plan thats right for you.

Price options

  • Denplan care from £20.76 - £57.89 per month (depending on banding)
  • Denplan essentials from £15.34 - £20.27 per month (depending on banding)

Practice membership plans

We also offer our own practice membership plans with prices starting from £13.78 per month.

View and download our PDF brochure for more details >>

Patient finance

We very much appreciate that investing in your dental wellbeing is an important decision and we would like to highlight some very special payment facilities that are now available here.

We understand that the financial considerations can sometimes be an obstacle to you having the treatment you want, which is why we offer a range of finance options including interest free plans.

These facilities, provided by Medenta in partnership with Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, are designed to help you get the treatment you want in the most convenient manner possible.

If you would like to understand more about these options then please call us on 01275 332371.

View and download our PDF brochure for more details >>

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Childrens Dentistry

We create a positive dental experience for your children

Caring for your childrens dental needs

We know that some children can be very apprehensive about a visit to the dentist, often caused by unsatisfactory experiences in the past. We have cultivated our knowledge and experience in this area over many years to provide a range of proven techniques to help children overcome these fears.

We want children to have a positive experience when visiting us that will influence the way they care about their teeth, and the way they feel about going to the dentist throughout their life.

Preparing your children for their first visit

With all the new experiences children will encounter at the dentist, it's no surprise that parents might be a little anxious about their child's first visit, especially when they are very young. Heres a few simple common sense tips to help prepare them:

  • Find ways to make dental visits fun.
  • Empart your own positive experiences of visiting the dentist.
  • Use positive words, nothing scary.
  • Praise your child after the treatment!
  • Do not promise a reward after treatment. The feeling of "must win the reward" can be a great pressure on your child.

Frequently asked questions


How old should my child be to first see the dentist?


It really is down to your choice as a parent. However, we would advise bringing your children as early as possible to familiarize them with the dental environment and keep an eye on their oral development. We do see some children as early as 1 years old.


Does my child need to see a specialist dentist?


As a general rule its not implicit to see a specialist. Only in very rare cases we would refer your child to a specialist Pedriatic Dentist.


How often should I take my children to see the dentist?


Generally, every six months is adequate for most children. However, we would advise you on the frequency of visits after a detailed assesment of your childs oral health.


Do I need to pay for my child to be seen?


We see children up to the age of 18 on the NHS.

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